XNXX Brunette gets fucked outdoors Adultcomics

XNXX Brunette gets fucked outdoors Adultcomics play

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PORN: and asked him if that was how a girl cam to? he told me not quite and that he would show me if I would just lay back and lay still and do what he said that if I said ok that i could not stop anything I had to finish not knowing at that time what it would mean I agreed, he laid me back and pulled me to the edge of his bed he spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy working his finger slowly inside, he knelt down and placed his mouth on my pussy kissing slowly and began licking up and down, it felt so good i started moaning and squirming he paused his licking and said feels good does it baby? I moaned yes daddy soo good what is happening, he said you are getting ready for me

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. I had no idea what that ment but i liked what he was doing so i didnt ask he went back to licking and sucking I felt this warm tingly feeling building inside and started trying to move back, but my daddy grabbed my hips and said no baby go with it , I started cumming my first cum ever screaming oh DADDY DADDY it feels good what is it DADDY DONT STOP, as i started coming down from my first high of cumming , I saw my dad stand up and pull me forward a bit more and say ok now we have some real fun just like adults I started to panic and try to move back he grabbed me by my hips and said DONT FIGHT ME! I told you we would finish this and you agreed, I said daddy no please not with you i dont want to. Cock. . In about 5 mins

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Brunette gets fucked outdoors