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PORN: She took my hand and led me back to the far end of the stacks, in the quantum physics section. I completed my Thesis and all that stood in the way of me graduating were those damned finals
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. I rolled my warm tongue around the full length of her clit, hearing her moan my name as I did, urge me on! I brought one hand down from her hips and teased her opening with a finger as my tongue continued to explore her tasty slit.

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.   Wait! You mean I have to make sure that she is destroyed? Derrick shouted at Tempro making the hologram cringe. Move damn it! It still has enough power to seriously hurt you!   Still the woman stood there as the beam drew slowly closer to her Lexi Belle Adult Entertainme...   Derrick nodded as he looked over all of Tempo’s light shield generators.

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” “I understand, Master,” she looked awfully tired and depressed. “N-no…” It sounded more like a moan than a rejection

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. ” I wondered how she would reply
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